Full Day Seminar Packages

Full Day Seminar Package C

$24.61 w/GST ($23.00) per pax, minimum 20 pax

Morning Break
Mini Croissant 迷你牛角酥
Steamed Prawn Dumpling 蒸水晶虾饺
Chocolate Éclair 巧克力长条泡芙
Swiss Roll 瑞士卷
Coffee and Tea 咖啡和茶

Garden Green Salad 翠绿蔬菜沙律
Japanese Teriyaki Chicken 日式香烤鸡
Pan Seared Fish Fillet with Olive Caper Cream 榄油香煎鱼柳
Kai Lan with Oyster Sauce 蒜香蚝油芥兰
Seafood Croquette 海鲜丸子
Butter Rice with Raisin 奶油饭配葡萄干
Mee Goreng 马来炒面
Sea Coconut with Longan 龙眼海底椰
Ice Barley 薏米冰

Afternoon Break
Egg Mayo Sandwich 鸡蛋三文治
Signature Prawn Roll 黄金虾枣
Marble Cake Slice 云石蛋糕
Coffee and Tea 咖啡和茶

Full Day Seminar Package D

$24.61 w/GST ($23.00) per pax, minimum 20 pax

Morning Break
Vegetable Sandwich 蔬菜三文治
Curry Puff 咖哩泡芙
Steamed Crystal Jade Dumpling 蒸翡翠水晶饺
Pan Fried Yam Cake 香煎芋头糕
Coffee and Tea 咖啡和茶

Farm Potato Salad 马铃薯沙律
Oven Baked Honey Chicken 蜜汁焗鸡柳
Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet 糖醋鱼柳
Nyonya Style Curry Vegetables 娘惹咖喱什菜
Crispy Spring Roll 脆炸春卷
Fragrant Olive Rice 橄榄饭
Cantonese Flat Noodle with Seafood 粤式海鲜面
Sea Coconut with Aloe Vera 芦荟海底椰
Fruit Punch 什果水

Afternoon Break
Steamed Red Bean Paste Pau 蒸豆沙包
Tempura Squid Ring 脆炸苏东圈
Swiss Roll 瑞士卷
Coffee and Tea 咖啡和茶

Full Day Seminar Package E

$24.61 w/GST ($23.00) per pax, minimum 20 pax

Morning Break
Cheese Sandwich 芝士三文治
Pan Fried Chicken Dumpling 煎鸡肉饺子
Golden Crab Claw 黄金蟹爪
Apple Lattice 苹果格子酥
Coffee and Tea 咖啡和茶

Hawaiian Pineapple Chicken Salad 夏威夷黄梨鸡肉沙律
Deep Fried Chicken with Lemon Sauce 柠汁香炸鸡
Baked Fish Fillet with Pesto Cream Sauce 罗勒酱烤鱼柳
Bean Curd Sheet with Mixed Vegetables 豆筋什锦菜
Sambal Fish Ball 参巴鱼丸
Yang Chow Fried Rice 扬州炒饭
Chicken Bolognese 鸡肉意大利面
Tropical Fresh Fruit Platter 热带水果盘
Ice Lemon Tea 柠檬茶

Afternoon Break
Steamed Yam Cake 蒸芋头糕
Chicken Mid Wing 炸鸡中翼
Chocolate Puff 巧克力泡芙
Coffee and Tea 咖啡和茶

  • All menu comes with complete buffet set up and disposable wares.
  • Transportation charge at $96.30 w/GST $($90.00) per trip. Free delivery for orders above $1,000.00 before GST.
  • Additional surcharge of $10.70 w/GST ($10.00) for delivery to Sentosa, Jurong Island and CBD area with postal codes beginning with 01, 03-09, 17-19, 22&23.
  • Surcharge of $32.10 w/GST ($30.00) to venue without lift landing.
  • Food is best consumed within 2 hours upon arrival.
  • We reserve the right to change the dish to another with equivalent value without prior notice.

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