Highlights: Do note that on 除夕(15/2), we will only be serving Mini Buffet (No setup). Self Collection only from 10am-4pm, and Delivery Services only from 10am-5pm.

We are closed on 初一(16/2). From 初二 to 初六, we will only be serving CNY Buffet Menu. Terms & Conditions Applies.

2018 Chinese New Year Mini Buffet

$243.96 w/GST ($228.00 w/o GST) per Set.
(10 Person)

$308.16 w/GST ($288.00 w/o GST) per Set
(15 Person)

Yu Sheng
Prosperity Imperial Abalone Platter Yu Sheng
风生水起 ~ 贵妃鲍片七彩鱼生

Braised Fish Maw with Crab Roe in Thick Soup
大展宏图 ~ 蟹肉金针鱼票羹

Main Course
Crispy Chicken Fillet in Thai Sauce
吉祥如意 ~ 泰皇香酥鸡扒

Salted Egg Prawn in Butter Cream
嘻哈大笑 ~ 咸蛋奶油美人虾

Loh Han Chye with Bean Curd and Mushroom
四季平安 ~ 豆包北姑罗汉斋

Crispy Yam Basket
黄金遍地 ~ 芋篮香酥带子

Seafood Udon Noodle
一帆风顺 ~ 海鲜乌冬面

Spicy Fried Rice with Diced Chicken
鸿运当头 ~ 香辣鸡粒炒饭

• All menu comes with disposable wares only. Not applicable to any buffet set up and collection.
• Transportation charge at $32.10 w/GST ($30.00) per trip.
• Additional surcharge of $10.70 w/GST ($10.00) for delivery to Sentosa, Jurong Island and CBD area with postal codes beginning with 01, 03-09, 17-19, 22 & 23.
• Extension of collection hour will not be available during from 14th February 2018 to 25th February 2018.
• Surcharge of $32.10 w/GST ($30.00) for level 2 and $64.20 w/GST ($60.00) to venue without lift landing.
• Food is best consumed within 2.5 hours upon arrival time.
• Confirm Order to be made at least 7 working days in advance of event.
• Amendment of order to be made 7 working days in advance of event, after which company has the right to reject any request made by customer.
• We are not liable for any form of food allergy, sensitivity and contamination of food after delivery.
• We shall not be held liable for the non-performance of our services or late delivery because of war, riot, strike, flood or any reason within the reasonable control of company
• We reserve the right to change the dish to another with equivalent value without prior notice.

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CNY Mini Buffet:

Add-on 貴妃鮑风生水起鱼生
Prosperity Imperial Abalone Platter "Yu Sheng”
($40.66 wGST per set):

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